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Helen Lycett

BSc, MSc

Psychological Practitioner

Helen Lycett is a Psychological Practitioner who completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2010. Since graduating she has worked for a range of mental health charities, working with adults and adolescents with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety disorders, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, psychosis and obsessive compulsive disorder. I have a particular interest in adolescents with co-occuring difficulties who are experiencing challenges with both mental health and neurodivergence.

Helen has also worked in research in more recent years, working with the UK National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), to design innovative research studies that focused on therapeutic interventions, ensuring they were patient centred and would lead to better standard of care for patients with various illnesses and struggles.

Since graduating Helen has worked with both adults and adolescents with a range of mental health difficulties, having worked extensively with mood and anxiety disorders as well as more complex mental health issues such as psychosis and personality disorders. SheI has gained experience in assessment and post assessment support over the years, both on an individual and group basis.

Helen mainly works within a Cognitive Behavioural framework and uses techniques from mindfulness, resilience coaching and motivational interviewing to guide clients through their therapeutic journey.  She supports clients to understand their experiences and to recognise their support needs whilst collaboratively exploring coping mechanisms and self-management techniques that help build resilience to enable her clients to feel empowered and see a positive way forward.

Building rapport and trust with clients is imperative to her way of working, being dedicated to working collaboratively with clients and will always follow a person-centred approach to ensure her clients feel heard and understood.

Helen Lycett

Psychological Therapy

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