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The staff of a care home shoulder great responsibility, not just for the physical wellbeing and comfort of their residents but also for their emotional wellbeing. Never in history has this been more evident than during the Covid pandemic.  


Very few care home staff are approved mental health professionals (AMHP) but many have to deal with age-related mental health conditions amongst their daily duties.  In such situations it is reassuring to know that QUESTA is able to provide a highly experienced supervisory function at convenient and affordable intervals.


Whether it be alcohol, drugs or other addictions and whatever their age or background, people undergoing treatment for and recovering from substance abuse endure a roller-coaster emotional experience.


Rehabilitation staff encounter situations in remedial programmes that may be beyond their level of expertise and in such cases may wish to avail themselves of some external support.  QUESTA psychologists are familiar with such eventualities and offer the opportunity to assist in and guide case management teams through professional supervision.


Promoting mental wellness in educational establishments from early days to university is now widely recognised as a vital part of the road to success. To be effective and to provide a healthy environment for young people has become an integral part of education in partnership with community welfare.  


Awareness is key, recognising the symptoms of emotional difficulties and acting upon those observations can have an immediate and beneficial effect on a student's achievements.  Most schools and colleges have specialist members of staff whose role is to observe and monitor - in turn they are able to consult a QUESTA supervisor on topics ranging from self-harm to attention deficit.


Mental healthcare professionals, whatever their field of work, have a duty to consult a qualified supervisor on a regular basis.  Its purpose is to provide a safe and confidential environment for staff to reflect and discuss their work with experienced colleagues, to evaluate progress and to seek guidance on treatment pathways.

It is now recognised that remote supervision can be as effective as face-to-face meetings.  QUESTA offers the choice, either to get together in person or to meet in a virtual environment. Either way, supervision expertise is available to doctors, psychologists and counsellors.

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