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About our services

Here at QUESTA we provide a tailored, bespoke case management service for organisations.


Our clients are:


  • commercial organisations

  • schools and colleges providing support for special needs such as Autism, ADHD and learning difficulties

  • paramedic and emergency services

  • caregiving centres where the stress of daily life can build almost invisibly to crisis point.​  

  • rehabilitation services

QUESTA offers a tailored assessment and case management package, providing oversight of the therapy pathway delivered by experienced and qualified psychologists and therapists. In addition to general anxiety, depression and trauma expertise QUESTA has access to clinicians with a comprehensive range of specialisms and evidence based treatment methods.  We pride ourselves on having a team that can advise on risk recognition, methods of mitigating risk and recuperation after an event.

What we can help with
We aim to provide practitioners, managers and services with reflective consultations on their work with their clients;
  • To enhance the quality of the service offered to all clients through identifying and providing specialised training,
  • To enable reflection, learning and self-care,
  • To engage teams in debriefs following incidents, to develop better understanding, strengthen resources and create a supportive environment for your team.


QUESTA's psychologists provide expertise in helping staff to manage challenging behaviour and difficult students. We provide assessments, consultations, behavioural plans and supervision for special needs, learning disabilities and neuro-developmental disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions.


All healthcare workers, especially those in the emergency services, are exposed to traumatic events throughout their careers.  To the outsider this can be seen as "all part of the job".  It is, but that does not mean that it goes unnoticed nor that individuals are unaffected.

We currently provide case management services for paramedic organisations. This support is accessed anonymously so that staff have maximum privacy and confidence in the therapeutic support provided by QUESTA.


Questa psychologists also support and train managers to recognise subtle behavioural changes, to respond to developing situations and can signpost treatment pathways for mental health issues including PTSD.

Questa offers organisations a safe and reflective environment to explore learning outcomes following a challenge or incident.  We aim to help organisations to avoid such situations arising and to equip staff with tools to reposed in order to mitigate the risk to ongoing activities.



Our approach offers integrated end-to-end solutions, including both preventative and treatment services, to help employers and employees address overall health and well-being, which has a positive impact on overall job satisfaction.

We help people live better, happier lives by listening, helping, educating, and treating them.


What are the next steps?
  • Complete our enquiry form or call us to arrange a free, no-obligation call with a member of our specialist team to discuss your requirements in more detail

  • QUESTA will create a tailored package for your organisational needs

  • QUESTA will discuss a ‘GO LIVE’ contractual date making the service available to your organisation

How does it work for your employees?
  • Enquiry form on website - employee fills in name, contact details (email and telephone and when they can be contacted) for initial contact only;

  • Questa receives the contact form and responds by email or telephone (within 1 working day) to arrange an appointment to speak to gather basic triage information in the capacity of Case Manager;

  • Questa will identify an appropriate psychologist to carry out the assessment;

  • Questa will invoice for the assessment - identifying the employee member by Questa case number which could be verified in an external audit if needed;

  • Psychologist carries out assessment and writes an anonymised summary of symptoms and recommendations for further treatment or support. NB this will not contain any identifying details - information provided will be solely of symptoms observed and appropriate treatment;

  • Questa will seek approval for funding prior to further treatment delivery;

  • Questa books a course of treatment with appropriate psychologist or clinician and will issue monthly invoices;

  • Questa will provide a midway progress report and discharge summary.

Your common employee questions answered

Will it be confidential? What will my organisation know?

Yes, Questa has undertaken to keep all client information anonymously at all stages of the process. No identifying detail or information will be communicated to your employer.

Questa also takes its GDPR responsibilities extremely seriously and is fully compliant.


If you would like to know more about how QUESTA can assist your organisation, contact us today. 
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