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Our speech and language therapy service provides specialist assessment and support for children with speech, language or social communication needs.  

In the UK, around 1 in 10 children experience difficulties with their speech, language or communication development.  For some children, difficulties can also affect other areas of daily life, such as understanding in class, reading development, or interaction with peers.  We understand the importance of working alongside families, schools and other professionals to identify a child’s language and communication needs and provide high quality input and support.

Initial consultation 

We offer an initial screening appointment to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s speech and language development and talk through possible assessment or therapy approaches.

The assessment process

1.  Initial Assessment Appointment:

In this appointment, you will meet with the speech and language therapist to discuss your child’s development and communication skills.  A meeting may also be arranged with school or other professionals working with your child.  We may ask you to complete specific questionnaires to provide further details about your child’s communication skills in everyday interactions with you.


2.  Direct assessment:

A direct assessment is carried out with your child in a clinic setting or online appointment.  We use standardised assessment alongside conversation or play-based activities to assess different areas of speech, language and communication development. 

3.  A feedback meeting:

This meeting provides the opportunity to discuss the assessment findings and recommendations for support.  A written report summarising the assessment is also provided after this meeting. 

Therapy approaches

Following assessment, we can offer a range of flexible speech and language therapy packages.  We work collaboratively with families and schools to establish therapy targets that are relevant to a child’s communication needs at home and school.   

Therapy may involve:

  • Providing online speech and language therapy to children in their homes or schools using a range of effective and interactive therapy approaches.  

  • Working with schools to set up individual or small group programs enabling a child to access therapy support within their school setting. 

  • Providing advice or training to schools on supporting a child’s communication needs in the classroom.

If you would like to book an initial screening appointment,
or if you have further questions, please complete the contact form

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