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Francesca Lucas

BSc (Hons)

Creative Child Counsellor

Francesca is a Creative Child Counsellor who works freelance across various school and clinical environments. Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Philosophy from Oxford Brookes University she then pursued postgraduate studies in Child Counselling at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. These educational pursuits solidified her professional standing, leading to membership with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Francesca provides support to children and young people across various London-based schools, clinical contexts and online, spanning diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, helping them navigate emotions, concerns, and past traumas.

She largely centres on addressing self-esteem issues, coping with loss, managing anxiety, stress and supporting children on the ASD spectrum. Employing a systemic approach, Francesca engages with parents, schools, and teachers to gain a holistic understanding of the clients' environments. Beyond her therapeutic practice, she has over six years of teaching experience in both school and private settings, enriching her role as an influential educator.

Francesca adopts a child-centered and integrative approach in her therapeutic practice, prioritising the establishment of a safe and trusting relationship with each child under her care. This integrative method enables her to customise interventions according to the individual needs of each child. The use of creative arts and play-based mediums such as sand trays, puppets, drawing, and painting, creates a nurturing environment for children to explore and express their inner thoughts and emotions. These creative outlets can be used independently or in combination with traditional "talking therapy" methods. Regardless of the child's preference, Francesca's goal remains constant: to provide support and help the child effectively cope with their experiences and emotions in a confidential setting.

Francesca Lucas

Integrative and creative counselling

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