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Gordon Urquhart

MSc, Adv Dip Cont/psych, UKCP

Contemporary Psychotherapist

Gordon Urquhart is a UKCP Accredited Contemporary Psychotherapist in the NHS and private practice.  He has worked with people experiencing some of the most extreme circumstances that life can bring.  He works to get to the heart of the challenges people experience in the many contexts of their lives. Clients find that his relaxed, practical approach ensures that they feel safe to explore, adapt and, where appropriate, change their experience of even the most difficult circumstances in their life.

Gordon uses a Contemporary Psychotherapy approach emerging from the work of the leading pioneers in the field who advanced our understanding of how people can recover from difficulty and manage their life in a way they are happier with. Contemporary Psychotherapy is informed by the most useful and current elements of psychotherapy practice with individuals and groups. It uses concepts, strategies, and specific interventions from a range of therapeutic orientations adapted to the specific needs of the individual, focussing on the causes of challenges, immediate needs and future wellbeing. This includes the management of your condition or situation, potential recovery, and personal development, for now and in the manageable future.​

Gordon Urquhart

Individual Psychotherapy

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