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Dan Isaac Pothiyil

MSc Psy, MPhil Clinical Psychology, CPsychol.

Chartered Psychologist

Dan is a Chartered Psychologist offering unconditional warmth and positive regard in a safe and non-judgmental space where you can be yourself. He can take you on a therapeutic journey within your comfort zone, exploring the deeper sense of self to gain invaluable insights that facilitate transformation.

Dan completed his MPhil in Clinical Psychology in 2011. The training included working with the elderly, adults and children with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety disorders, depression and interpersonal difficulties. He is proficient in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in an MI (Motivational Interviewing) consistent style focusing on the schema change process.

Dan has excellent skills in clinical training with immense experience in clinical supervision of clinical psychology trainees at the Rehabilitation Council of India in a recognised centre for M.Phil. Clinical Psychology: the Department of Clinical Psychology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India. He also has a particular interest in helping clients to restructure their cognitions related to low self-esteem, failure, rejection, and abandonment.

Dan works collaboratively with his clients with a deep understanding of their skill set to deal with the therapy session itself. He works in a therapeutic window, mindful of the coping skills required for the exploration of their deeper feelings and thoughts, and ensures the session happens within their comfort level. Such explorations will facilitate immense insights that transform perspectives and provide strategies to deal with similar issues in the future.

Dan Isaac Pothiyil

Psychological Therapy

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